To date, OLED lighting products have been hard to find, extremely expensive and unknown to the general public – but not anymore! At ALKILU, our mission is to make OLED products part of everyday life. We’re currently developing an innovative line of affordable, unique and eco-friendly lighting products unlike anything on the market today.

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Lights for all occasions! Our current line of products includes all-terrain lights, night lights, book lights, makeup kits and many others. Take a look at some of our featured products:

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OLEDs might be new to consumers, but we’ve been immersed in this world for decades. Founded by Alex Khayat – an industry expert with over 20 years of experience in OLED research and development – ALKILU has big plans for the consumer lighting space. We’ve come a long way, but we’re just getting started.

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  • More OLED lighting products for everyday use - With blue LED founders being awarded Nobel Prize in physics and OLED founders being nominated for the same prize in chemistry, the industry is getting a different level of recognition. This seems to be the tipping point for manufacturers, with more #oled products being created for everyday
  • Alkilu at Electric Run. Can’t get any brighter! - Light attracts light. No wonder we are partnering with Electric Run  – the world’s brightest 5K! Our first appearance at the event will be in LA, on NOVEMBER 8, 2014 at DODGERS STADIUM. We will also be lighting up (if it can get any brighter) DEL MAR