What TripLit (ALKILU) has been up to

Dear TripLit Backers

We have been making a lot of head-way in the marketplace with the TripLit and are excited to share our stories with you. TripLit and TripLit+ (bundle) have been front and center at Amazon.com as part of our b2b relationship with them. You can see TripLit, the product you helped bring to reality, at Amazon by following this link. Amazon features the TripLit by itself or bundled with our High-efficiency solar charger.


Of course, we didn't stop with Amazon. Walmart.com has also signed on with ALKILU and they also offer the TripLit and the TripLit+ (bundle with solar charger) on their online store. This is really exciting - having the online shopping giants marketing us.


The most exciting news is our partnership with the b8ta stores. b8a (pronounced Beta) is the latest concept in showcasing and marketing new consumer technologies and coolest gadgets in their stores nationally. They also have an online presence featuring all the latest electronics. We partnered with b8ta to offer the TripLit at their Seattle store. What better place than Seattle for promoting the TripLit, the light that is so favored by outdoor enthusiasts and campers. If you are in the area please stop at their location by University of Washington at 2616 NE 46th Street Seattle, WA 98105 - (425) 835-3154 Make sure you tell them you were personally involved in bringing the TripLit to market as a funder on KickStarter.


As always, thank you for your support and please send us pictures and stories about how you use your TripLit.

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