3 New OLED Products


ALKILU Enterprises just announced yesterday that they're launching a line of new, affordable OLED products.  With OLED technology becoming more in-demand, Alkilu is ecstatic to become one of the first companies to produce and distribute these eco-friendly, affordable products for consumer use. Within this line, there are 3 new products that you should check out!

All-Terrain Light

This compact and lightweight light has a battery life of over 20 hours. The OLED technology makes this light cool to the touch.  Qualities such as these make this light  perfect for a camping trip or to illuminate a nursery room.

Trio OLED Light

LG Chem has partnered with Alkilu to create this OLED light.  The Trio OLED Light can be molded into 3-different positions and has hundreds of different uses.  This light is able to be placed upright, folded up or can be hung to illuminate a room.

Transparent OLED Bookmark

If you or some one you know enjoys reading, then the Transparent OLED Bookmark is an essential item.  Easily charged with a USB cable, this bookmark provides 20 hours of light for your reading pleasure.


To pre-order these incredible OLED products, click here.