3 Reasons Why We Love OLEDs World Summit


ALKILU is ecsatic to be attending OLEDs World Summit - which officially began today! This conference brings together  some of the major players in the OLED industry, including LG Display, Panasonic, Sumitomo Chemical, Audi and Philips Lighting, among many others, for an amazing three days of OLED education! The focus of this summit is to examine the materials, technologies and strategies that companies must adapt in order to successfully push OLED technology into the homes of consumers. This is an incredible event, and we can think of 3 reasons why we're so excited to be there right now!

1. Specifically targeted for OLED manufactures

OLEDs World Summit provides information specifically for companies that are enthusiastic about creating affordable OLED products.  This event gives each of its attendees a close look at what lighting designers are looking for in a product so that we, as manufacturers, can provide a product that will work with them.  Additionally, at this conference, we are given the opportunity to learn what we can do in order to get our products into the hands of our target audience.

2. Keep updated with the OLED Industry

This conference does an excellent job in keeping us up to date with the trends that are happening within the OLED industry. We are kept updated on who the key players currently are and what the most common issues are within our field of expertise. It's vital for companies to stay on top of what both the consumers will buy and the best ways to target them.

OLEDs World Summit keeps its attendees up to date with  the latest R & D, technologies and trends.  Additionally, attendees are able to see first-hand the technologies and applications that are being developed that could help further their product.

3. An incredible networking opportunity

This incredible summit offers OLED manufacturers the opportunity to network with some of the best in the business.  In addition to meeting with lighting designers, the OLEDs World Summit also gives attendees the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the industry, in addition to networking with potential partners, clients and buyers.

To see a full list of who is attending, click here.

Interesting in talking about everything OLED? Email us at marketing@alkilu.com, or leave a comment in the section below! Or, if you're going to be at the OLEDs World Summit, and want to meet up and chat for a bit, shoot us a message!