3 Things Your Should Know About the Trio OLED Light


We're going strong with our pre-orders! We're obviously still ecstatic to be working alongside LG, who has been helping us co-market the Trio OLED Light, which is already making a name for itself in the OLED world.

If you're not yet familiar with this amazing new product - available for pre-order here - then here are three things you should know about:

1. It's Cool (literally): Thanks to OLED technology, these lights (and our other products) are cool to the touch.  Unlike other lamps that generate UV rays, the OLED lamp doesn't - which means that bugs aren't attracted to its light!

2. It's Versatile: This is incredibly useful if you're packing for a camping trip and are reluctant to pack a portable light, or if you have small children running around the house.

3. It's Affordable: Unlike many other OLED products, we have developed a method that supplies consumers with eco-friendly, OLED technology, but without the high-cost that other manufacturers charge.

The Trio OLED Light, in particular, has hundreds of uses.  Since it can be folded, hung or placed upright, this light is perfect for any activity - including illuminating the darkest of rooms.

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