5 Must Have Gear For Ecotourism















Eco-tourism began in early 90’s and has been growing 20-30% yearly ever since.  Today, consumer market offers great products for responsible travellers to natural areas that conserve the environment and value the welfare of local people. We put together a list of ecotourism essentials that not just practical, but also support values of sustainability and eco-consciousness.

  1. The Salt Creek 2 by Big Agnes 

NA This sustainable tent is perfect for eco-campers as it is made from 100% recycled materials. The Salt Creek 2 has received the Editor’s Choice Green Award from Backpacker Magazine. The tent has a unique white appearance as no toxic dyes are used in production.





  1. TripLit Organic LED light

alkilu_solar+triplit_bundle Lighting is one of the most important issues when you are camping. TripLit is a portable multi-purpose organic LED (OLED) light that can be used for illuminating the tent or any camp site. Made from eco-friendly materials, TripLit holds charge for over 30+ hours and can easily be recharged using solar panels/chargers (see ALKILU Solar Panel/Charger). Thanks to the OLED technology, TripLit does not heat and is easy on the eyes. TripLit is also bug free. Absence of UV rays is proven not to attract insects. So no need to poison your skin with a bug spray, or keep the tent shut all the time.


  1. ALKILU 14W High-efficiency Solar Panel/Charger

Eco-travel feels best without any devices around. Many of us don’t want to lose the connection to the "civilized world”. ALKILU offers a solar-powered charger for your portable devices - to keep your gadgets up and running while you enjoy the beautiful nature and give a rest to the polluting power plants. Solar energy is a renewable energy source that we widely underestimate. Thanks to innovative technologies, it is coming back to our everyday lives.


  1. Reusable Bags/Plastic Bag Bans

As major cities across the country like SeattleSan Francisco and Los Angeles outlaw plastic bags, reusable bags are now our best friend when it comes to carrying goods.

Many companies offer colorful and creative designs for the bags in order to appeal to the customer. Today, reusable bags are not only a trendy eco-conscious accessory, but also a way to express your personality by customizing the designs.


  1. Eagle Creek Luggage  

1120_black_l  Can’t go eco-camping without luggage. Comfortable backpacks and bags are a must-have when  traveling. Eagle Creek offers a sustainable luggage solution. Its products are made with minimal waste    and responsibly sourced materials. Eagle Creek products are not only eco-friendly but also very user-friendly featuring multiple handles for easy grab and compartments for shoes.