5 reasons why you need OLED lights for camping


REI published a list of 10 camping essentials, put together by a classic campers' book - Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills.  It's very important to be ready for any weather or emergency condition, especially if you're planning to stay overnight.

Speaking of night, how do you light up your camping dark hours? The fire? What about the inside of the tent? What kind of lighting do you use? Whatever it is, we suggest to switch to the TripLit. Here is why.

1) TripLit is light (9 oz.) and compact (5" x 5" x 0.8").  It also has a hook, so you can hang it from anywhere in the tent.


2) TripLit is efficient. With low voltages and cool running temperatures, it can last for 36+ hours, and get easily recharged within 2 hours.

3) TripLit is easy on the eyes. By dispersing the light source (i.e. no glare) TripLit easy on the eyes. Unlike fluorescent lighting – which have actually been linked to migraines – TripLit offers a smooth, consistent level of brightness with no headaches (literally).

4) TripLit is organic. If you didn't know by now, the O of OLED stands for organic. That means that TripLit and other OLED lighting products are environmentally-friendly with no hazardous substances involved in production. Do you think nature loves it? It sure does!

5) OK we kept this one for dessert. Ladies and gents, OLED is bug free! Yep, the absence of UV rays is proven not to attract insects. So no need to poison your skin with a bug spray, or keep the tent shut all the time.


Pre-order the TripLit  OLED lighting product now and make your next camping trip more fun than ever - party all night, fear no bugs and be proud for being green! Also, come see us at Electric Run in LA and San Diego. Register now!