Alkilu and LG Chem Work Together!


Alkilu and LG Chem have a strong desire to create affordable OLED lighting products for consumers. LG Chem has announced that they are working on dropping the price for their lighting products so that consumers can afford these eco-friendly lights. “As a pioneer of OLED light panels, LG Chem decided to propose attractive prices to selective partners who are willing to stimulate the market with mass-production of OLED luminaires,” said Sung-Soo Park, Vice President and OLED Light Division Leader

As a result, Alkilu and LG Chem are working together to create and market the Trio OLED Light.

"Since the OLED sector first came into existence, LG Chem has been successful in meeting its development roadmap. Now, the performance of LG Chem OLEDs has already reached the point where the OLEDs can be used in real-life application right away."

The Trio OLED Light can be used in three different ways: it can be placed upright, folded together or hung up to illuminate almost any location.   Likewise, because of its OLED technology, this light has a long-lasting battery life and is cool to the touch.

Additionally, this light is able to be tossed in a back-pack without breaking; making it the perfect addition for a camping trip, family vacation or even to have handy in your purse for when you're out on those late-night walks!

Alkilu is ecstatic to be making strides in developing a product that will shape the way the world sees lighting.