ALKILU Announces Their Partnership With Visionox at OLEDs World Summit


We are proud and excited to announce our new partnership with Visionox! This partnership will significantly speed up the process of OLED adoption, while enabling Alkilu to manufacture and provide their customers with OLED products. Alkilu's CEO, Alex Khayat, has noted that this partnershp with Visionox, a high-tech enterprise specializing in mass development and manufacturing of OLED technology, will help both companies provide affordable OLED products for their target audience. “Most consumers associate OLED with expensive TVs and other luxury items,” said Khayat. “Once they see how easily this technology can be embedded into affordable, everyday products, the market will explode. We’re already receiving a large number of orders for our All-Terrain and bookmark lights through our previous partnerships, and we fully expect our relationship with Visionox to significantly increase that number going forward.” 

For a quick look at what Alkilu provides, check out this video:


Likewise, there is no better place to make this announcement than at OLEDs World Summit.  So many experts of the indsutry have gathered here to share their insight and help companies push their products into the hands of the consumer, such as what lighting designers are looking for when deciding to work with an OLED product.  Additionally, they are given the opportunity to network and make valuable connections with others in the OLED industry.

We're having an incredible time here and enjoying checking out the new technology, partaking in the networking opportunities and learning more about what other OLED companies are working on!

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