Alkilu at Electric Run. Can't get any brighter!


Light attracts light. No wonder we are partnering with Electric Run  - the world's brightest 5K! Our first appearance at the event will be in LA, on NOVEMBER 8, 2014 at DODGERS STADIUM. We will also be lighting up (if it can get any brighter) DEL MAR FAIRGROUNDS in SAN DIEGO  on DECEMBER 6. We will be showcasing our redesigned lighting products, taking pre-orders onsite, and distributing free gifts to light up your daily life. Aaand, there are going to be exciting raffles to win our featured OLED lighting products! So don't miss our booth, although you can't even if you tried. It's a tremendously fun event, where people of all age groups and interests come to run, dance, drink (yes, alcohol is served) and shine. Literally. ligh-tubes-electric-run Go ahead and register, if you haven't already! Light yourself up with LED bracelets, glowing T-shirts, shades or shoelaces, and come to our booth to say "hi". Electric Run promises to " transport the mind, body and soul to a new world in a healthy and drug-free way". See you there!