ALKILU Launches Crowdfunding Campaign on Kickstarter for TripLit, the World’s First Portable Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) Lamp


triplit-old-lamp-kickstarterTripLit lights the way for energy-efficiency and sustainability Los Angeles, CA – Today ALKILU launched their Kickstarter campaign for TripLit, a portable, eco-friendly lamp specifically designed for everyday activities. The TripLit organic light emitting diode (OLED) lamp is the first affordable product of its kind to hit the market and can travel easily with users anywhere and everywhere.

From camping to sporting events to everyday tasks, TripLit has the ability to last over 30 hours with no replacement batteries needed. All users need is a readily-available micro-USB or ALKILU’s high-efficiency solar charger to get TripLit fully-charged in under four hours.

“Never before has there been an OLED lighting device so readily accessible for such a competitive price,” said Alex Khayat, CEO of ALKILU. “It’s energy-efficient, better for the environment and really easy for people to transport.”

The ALKILU team focused on creating an inexpensive device that would have less impact on the environment and provide a safer lighting alternative for users by eliminating UV rays. That means that, if left on, TripLit won’t emit harmful rays that could cause early wrinkles. TripLit provides the closest thing to natural lighting that users can get, which doesn’t attract bugs or produce heat, making it safe to touch and perfect for camping and other outdoor activities.

TripLit’s built-in hook makes it easy to hang inside tents or on trees, and it can easily be extended or flipped to sit on any surface, inside or outside. It also comes with three dimming modes which include low, medium and high but can be used a myriad of different ways.

For the TripLit, ALKILU utilizes OLED panels from LG Chem – said Mr. Sung-Soo Park, VP of LG Chem OLED division, “Alkilu is leading the way in portable OLED lighting products. We are confident that that our collaboration will help expand the OLED opportunity and lead the way to other OLED products in the larger lighting ecosystem.”

Most OLED lighting devices are incredibly hard to find and small lamps go for prices as high as $250, while users can purchase TripLit for just $60. To learn more about TripLit, visit or email