Alkilu Launches Kickstarter Campaign


It's official! Today we announced the launch of our Kickstarter campaign to help bring our line of affordable OLED products to market. The feedback we got from our OLED prototypes at CES was remarkable, particularly among consumers, but in order to streamline the process, we decided to raise some additional funds. Campaign funds from Kickstarter will therefore be used to cover the costs associated with production, packaging and shipments of the Aurora All-Terrain light, our flagship product. By May, a number of our products will be ready for shipment, including our Aurora All-Terrain light, nightlights, makeup mirrors and others. Exciting times indeed!

Alkilu is excited to begin breaching into consumer-territory.  Already a step ahead of the game, in providing an OLED product that is affordable, we hope that this Kickstarter program will generate further awareness for both our OLED line, and the OLED industry itself.  These products are very environment-friendly and are drifting towards the way of the future.

To pledge to our the Kickstarter campaign, click here.

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