ALKILU to Launch TripLit, the World’s First Portable OLED Lamp


The energy-efficient and portable Organic Light Emitting Diode lamp created by ALKILU, is best for camping and outdoor activities because it doesn’t attract bugs Los Angeles, CA- ALKILU, the creators of TripLit, the world’s first organic light emitting diode (OLED) lamp, will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on Monday, June 1. The Kickstarter campaign will run for 30 days with a funding goal of $50,000.

TripLit is an Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) lamp for active living. TripLit’s internal glow comes from its OLED light panel, which is the next generation in lighting technology. OLED is not only sustainable and energy efficient, but comes closest to natural sunlight than any other lighting source without emitting harmful UV rays.

The OLED lamp has three dimming modes including low, medium and high. Low brightness is best used for tents and can stay on for over 30 hours. While high brightness can last for over 12 hours when in use for tasks that require brighter lighting.

“OLED technology was extremely expensive, hard to find and unknown to the general public until now,” says TripLit creator Alex Khayat. “Our goal is to change the way people use OLED in their everyday lives, starting with TripLit.” ALKILU works with LG Chem, the leading manufacturer of OLED lighting panels, to make TripLit affordable for consumers.

TripLit is an ideal product for eco-travel because it is Mercury-free and has no UV emissions, which consequently eliminates its impact on the environment. The TripLit OLED lamp recharges via a readily-available micro-USB or via ALKILU’s High-Efficiency Solar Charger. TripLit does not produce heat, so it is always safe to touch, does not attract pesky bugs and will not cause electrical fires, much like other lighting sources do.

TripLit is portable and accessible anywhere and can be used in three different positions. Users can hang it by its handle, extend it open like a laptop, or flip it open to stand on its own.

An Early Bird reward will offer a generous discount to the first 50 backers of the campaign. For more information about TripLit, visit or email