ALKILU's Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit


You might disagree that zombies and the danger of Zombie Apocalypse are a real threat. But there is one sure thing: you better be prepared if zombies actually come after you!  

We put together a list of essentials that you will need when the Zombie Apocalypse hits your town.


  1. Water filter

1 water filter

You never know where you will have to travel to escape the walking dead. One thing that you won’t last long without is clean water. This filter allows filtering drinking water from almost every source.


  1. Canned food

2 canned food

Forget about your fridge, there only one type of food that can last for years without spoiling. Pack your bag with all the nutritious canned food you can find. Look for it at every abandoned supermarket you come across and watch out for the zombies!


  1. Weapons that don’t need ammo

3 no ammo weapons

Guns and riffles are quick way to stop the walkers, but they become useless as soon as you run out of bullets. Make sure you have weapons that do not require ammunition.


  1. Renewable light source

4 alkilu_solar+triplit_bundle

Night is the dangerous time, especially when you have zombies jumping out from the dark and trying to eat your brains. TripLit lamp will not only last for more than 30 hours straight, it can also be easily recharged during the day from a Alkilu 14 W solar panel.


  1. First aid kit

5 first aid kit

You know that if a zombie bit you, there not much you can do before you turn into one them. But zombies are not the only danger awaiting. You must have a first aid kit to take quick actions in emergency situations, before they smell your blood and come after you!

Image from intermediaconnection