Businesses invest €5.6 million to develop rollable glass technologies for OLEDs

Repost from Plastic Electronics Three German companies have announced a three-year project designed to evolve ultra-thin glass substrates and barrier materials for flexible electronics applications – including OLED encapsulation and deposition.

Named Konfekt the initiative will have two main goals.

The first will see Schott collaborate with Tesa. This will seem them develop Tesa’s DrySeal liner to work as a barrier adhesive tape 10µ-thick giving hermetic encapsulation for electronics deposited on Schott rollable ultra-thin glass. If this can be perfected conformable OLED displays with a reasonable life time could be delivered, behind Schott’s glass, which itself can be just 25µ thick.

The second Konfekt sub-project will see Von Ardenne employing its expertise in manufacturing vacuum deposition equipment to develop a roll-to-roll coating system for the ultrathin glass.

If successful this element will allow the Schott glass to become a functional substrate for flexible electronic devices by accepting deposition of materials like indium tin oxide (ITO).

The members have committed a total of €5.6 million to this tri-partite development accord.

By John Nelson, follow John on Google+

Image source: Tech Spot