Electric Run LA - Alkilu's story


First of all, we want to thank for throwing this out. We could see how hard the team works behind the curtains to keep both the partners and the participants happy. Second, or actually 1.2, we want to thank everyone who came to the ! It was a few hours of pure fun and celebration, and we got great-great-great feedback, which is really priceless. So kudos to everyone. Anyways, for an event this bright and colorful, words are useless, thus the images will tell the story. Our booth was really busy before and after the run... and actually during too.


The booth is fully lit up by TripLit and LeafLit  lighting products. It's amazing what these tiny things are capable of.

Here is how it looked before the invasion:)


We were wearing our hand-made jackets. We actually thought to start a product line - it was that popular.


One more hand-made item that got everyone excited and inspired us for a new designer product line was this chandelier


But the best part was seeing all the awesome people and bringing some light to their lives with our bright and eco-friendly gifts.


And we kept this one for dessert. She was the first one to visit our booth, and we thought that's for luck. MissNevada! She was the official ambassador of ONE , which is aimed to ending poverty and preventable disease.


We can't wait for electricrun San Diego event! Come to have fun, to contribute to great causes, and to support our eco-friendly OLED lighting products! So if you're around, register now and see you soon:)