Got a Bright Idea? Send Us Your OLED Lightning Designs!

There are only so many ways to come up with a fresh new designs involving a standard light bulb. It's been to done to death. Not so with OLEDs. With its ultra-thin, flexible and transparent attributes, the possibilities are endless. In fact, one of the most enjoyable aspects of starting the company has been the opportunity to come up with new applications for OLED technology - things like camping lights, night lights, reading lights and others. Many of these products will be available for sale in the next few months, many are still in the concept/prototype phase (see images below) and some we haven't even thought of yet.

And that's where you come in. We're currently working with a number of designers around the world who want to make their OLED lighting visions a reality, but we want your ideas as well. So if you have a great design idea for a new OLED lighting product, please share in the comments section!



OLED Magic Mirror

OLED Window

OLED Flip Light