Hello World, Meet ALKILU

Hi everyone. My name is Alex Khayat, I'm the founder of Alkilu, and our mission to make OLED technology part of everyday life. As you might know, we'll be making our official debut this week at CES in Las Vegas, where we plan on unveiling our unique OLED product line to consumers, investors and the media. We don't want to give away too many details in the first blog post, but we can say this: We've designed and developed an entire of OLED lighting products, including all-terrain lights, night lights, timers and many others. You can view our complete line of products to learn more, or watch this short video instead:

Anyway, we intend to use this blog as way to share the latest news and notes - not just those from Alkilu, but also those from the wide world of OLED. Much more to come in the near future. Thanks for stopping by!