Highlights: Alkilu CEO Interviewed by OLED-Info.com


When we launched Alkilu at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month, we were immediately inundated with a long list of questions. How are your products so affordable? What are the benefits of OLED technology? Is the consume market ready for OLEDs? We did our best to respond to these inquiries on a one-by-one basis, but if you still have questions about the company or OLED technology in general, many of the answers you seek can be found as part of our recent interview with oled-info.com.

For those new to the industry, oled-info.com is the single best source for news and information on this growing market. You urge you to read the interview in it's entirety, but we wanted to first provide a quick excerpt. Take a look:

Q: Do you use OLEDs as a marketing advantage? Do you think consumers are aware of this lighting technology and will be willing to pay a premium for it?

Yes, no and yes. We are definitely using the OLED attributes I just mentioned as a marketing tool. Of course the challenge is that most consumers are not familiar with it, but if we’re successful, consumers will not only know about the benefits of OLEDs, they’ll actually prefer them to other forms of lighting.

A key focus of our go-to market strategy will be around creating high demand for a high-quality product that can compete with LED-based products on form, function, and especially, price. This is not to say that we won’t be selling higher-end merchandise, but comparative to other lighting products, those too will be considered affordable. We think that OLEDs can follow a similar adoption path as LEDs saw not too long ago, relatively speaking.

Q: You list very affordable prices on your site (as low as $19.95 for some OLEDs). Can you explain how did you manage to secure low cost OLED panels? As far as I know even the most simple bare OLED panels cost more than that. In fact I believe the cheapest OLED lamps available today besides cost over $500.

Yes, you are correct and that is what we are trying to change. These are indeed the same high quality OLED panels. Our market research has shown that our best pricing strategy would be to be in line with LED-based products, without losing quality of course. Our solid partnerships with the different manufacturers/suppliers allows us to negotiate on volume discounts and capabilities to stay competitive. As many of your readers will recall, a similar strategy was used when LEDs were just starting out. We feel OLED needs that push to become mainstream and we hope to be the ones that jumpstart the process.

Interested in learning more? Of course you are!

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