OLEDs (and Alkilu) In The News

What a week it was for OLED technology. In addition to our formal partnership announcement with Visionox, the industry has seen a few other notable stories cross the wire - a few of which we wanted to highlight in today's post. The first has to deal with OLED technology in televisions. As you know, over the past several years, engineers have been working on adapting OLED technology for use within our TV sets, which would provide us with a higher quality picture. As ABC7 reports, they've also been working to reduce the price. Just last year, these OLED TVs cost close to 10K. Now, thanks to these developments, they cost closer to $3500.

Have you watched the consumer report yet? Check it out:



We were also interested to see the news that OLEDs will indeed be part of the Apple Watch - this after months of speculation from OLED experts like Ron Mertens of OLED-info.org, who penned this great guest post for seekingalpha.com. Here's a great excerpt:

It is now pretty much confirmed that Apple adopted an AMOLED display in the Watch. Using an OLED and not an LCD in a smartwatch makes a lot of sense:

  • OLEDs are thinner and lighter compared to an LCD (a plastic-based OLED is even thinner than a glass-based OLED)
  • An OLED consumes a lot less power when showing an image with mostly-black pixels. If you look at all of Apple's own web page, the Watch display in all the photos is mostly black.
  • OLEDs today can be brighter than LCDs, and perform better in direct sunlight.
  • Actually, the latest OLED displays outperform the best LCD in almost every aspect (except price). So they make sense in any premium mobile product

It is great to see Apple finally adopt OLEDs. If you're familiar with Apple's history with OLED technology, it is no wonder they are trying to hide the fact that they are using OLEDs in their latest product. This may give a big push to OLEDs, as more people will learn about the technology and it's likely that we'll see more companies adopt OLEDs in their products following Apple.

What other OLED stories did we miss? Be sure to let us know in the comments section!