LG Chem's New OLED Product


OLEDs are constantly being improved. Scientists are finding more efficient ways to produce this technology at an affordable price point for consumers.  However, in order for OLEDs to successfully grow, companies will have to work together to utilize resources in order to have this technology reach its full potential. Alkilu is thrilled to work with LG and Visionox on the quest to provide this energy-effficent technology to consumers. Additionally, being at the OLEDs World Summit gets us even more excited about this awesome technology. It's been a fantastic summit and we can't believe that today is our last day here!

In light of the amazing technological advances that have been occurring within our industry, we would like to mention how LG Chem has recently announced their development of a super-efficient OLED light pannel, which cnet covered recently!

This light panel, which should be on the market in November, actually matches the performance of a typical LED panel - but is economically friendly and doesn't release the toxins of an LED panel.

Despite being approximately 10 times more expensive than its LED counterparts, LG Chem representatives expressed hope in reducing costs: "We think the significance is in being able to bring the efficacy up to LED standards. We expect unit costs to ultimately decrease by five-fold or more through ongoing developments."

This light panel will initially be marketed in North America and Europe, but will hopefully expand after that. The reasoning behind this initial marketing strategy is that these are the two areas where there is more commercial success with eco-conscious products.

Let's take a moment to quickly compare this OLED panel with flourescent and LED panels...

  • A flourescent panel uses 100 lumens and lasts 20,000 hours
  • A typical LED panel uses 100 lumans and can last up to 50,000 hours
  • However, this new OLED panel, uses 100 lumens and has a life of 40,000 hours

Altough the OLED panel doesn't provide the same life as your typical LED panel, the OLED panel is more eco-friendly and doesn't produce hazardous rays.

We are so excited about LG Chem's new development in the OLED world! There is always so much groundbreaking technology happening in this industry! Check out what we have been working on here.

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