LG and ALKILU are Rising Stars in this OLED Era


Most companies have been refraining from incorporating OLED technology into their products.  Why? It's expensive.  As a result, OLED technology is typically out of the price range of most consumers and companies tend to steer clear of incorporating it's environmentally-friendly technology into their products. Digital Trends explains that OLED manufacturers need time "time to work out technical kinks, time to develop a scalable production plan, time to build big manufacturing plants and outfit them with expensive manufacturing equipment, and time for consumers to warm up to the new technology."

Despite this, LG has stepped forward to use OLED technology and doesn't seem to be backing down any time soon.  With LG being the uprising star in this OLED Era, they have partnered with Alkilu to market the Trio OLED Light - an affordable product that utilizes OLED technology.

The Trio OLED Light is a great travel companion because it won't break in your backpack.  Additionally, this unique, environment-friendly light is cool to the touch.  Whether it's placed upright, folded or hung from almost any location, the Trio OLED Light has hundreds of uses.

To pre-order the Trio OLED Light, click here.