Major Breakthrough in the OLED Industry

Big news from the world of OLEDs! LG Electronic just launched their first, curved OLED TV!  At 55 inches and its paper-slim design, this screen is only 4.3mm thick and has an extremely high quality of picture, with 8.3M pixels.  All of these aspects give the viewer the ability to pay attention to details more closely. Still developing their product, and always enhancing it, LG is working on getting this Curved OLED TV released to other parts of the world, not just Jordan.  As OLED products become more cost-efficient, these technologies can be made at a greater rate and be distributed to the consumer base .   This TV "marks a whole new era in home entertainment with its curved screen which combines the company’s industry-leading Cinema 3D technology with smart TV capabilities that has never been experienced before."

As LG has released this product,  you can definitely be sure that more and more companies will begin to tap into this new market place. Give or take a few years, there will definitely be a lot of competition for these OLED products, making them a bigger presence in the market place.  In the meantime, companies will be continuing to develop new ways to lower the cost of mass-production and manufacture this environmentally-friendly product.  LG, in particular, "is capitalizing on a growing trend taking shape currently for more vivid home viewing experiences and closer to reality."

Along with LG - Samsung, Apple and Alkilu are pressing forward in making cost-efficient technology with OLED.  Rapidly gaining more and more attention from the press and consumers, this niche market is on the verge of making a tremendous break-through.