New OLED Products Are Available for Pre-Order!

Alkilu has many new OLED products available for pre-order. Ecstatic to be part of this eco-friendly industry and to be among one of the first companies to generate affordable OLED products, here are three incredible Alkilu items that you must check out! The Owl OLED Nighlight

Do you have that room that you can never quite find the light switch for? Or have a child that is worried monsters may jump out from under their bed at any point? Look no further than the Owl OLED Nightlight! This nightlight is perfect for any room within your house or as the ideal baby shower present.  Additionally, this nightlight is cool to he touch, making it child-friendly. By plugging this nightlight into a USB, the nightlight charges in under an hour.

OLED Flag Light

Are you feeling Patriotic? This OLED Flag Light will twinkle the red, white and blue right in front of your eyes.  Chargeable by a USB cord or a computer, this light will illuminate your work, while providing a decorative and animated light to decorate your desk and bring some "jazz" to your personal work space.

Magnetic OLED Timer

Looking for a cool, new way to keep time? Whether it's for cooking, as an alarm clock or for that incredible game of charades - this thin and flexible OLED timer is the perfect way to illuminate any task.  The batteries for this device are easily replaceable and last up to 40 hours.


With OLED making huge strides in the industry, Alkilu is proud to launch products that are eco-friendly, useful and affordable, to their consumers.  To learn more about Alkilu and their new product line, click here.