New Products Coming to ALKILU!


OLED products are emerging everywhere! From TVs to wearables  - the possiblities are endless.  The downside? Most OLED products are out of the consumer's price range, making them hard to sell. ALKILU has recently announced the launch of their new, affordable OLED product line.  This line features six OLED items.

Products include:

  • All-Terrain Light
  • Trio OLED Light
  • OLED Flag Light
  • Transparent OLED Bookmark
  • Magnetic OLED Timer
  • Owl OLED Nightlight

Additionally, ALKILU is in the midst of developing conceptual designs for future OLED products.

These designs include:

  • Slide Light
  • Signage
  • Rail Light
  • OLED Window
  • Magic Mirror
  • Mineral Light
  • Bed Light
  • And much more...

To learn more about these products, click here.  Additionally, ALKILU is now accepting pre-orders for their new product line, which can be placed at