More OLED lighting products for everyday use


With blue LED founders being awarded Nobel Prize in physics and OLED founders being nominated for the same prize in chemistry, the industry is getting a different level of recognition. This seems to be the tipping point for manufacturers, with more being created for everyday use. As reported by Plus Plastic Electronics:

"An OLED desk lamp called aerelight has been developed in Canada. Its manufacturer is now accepting orders and is due to start shipping the first batch in early 2015.


Aerelight is now being pre-sold for $239 (€188). OPI Lumionics will start shipping the first orders early in 2015 - though these will be restricted to Canada, UK and US." - Read the full story:

It looks like an exciting product. The primary challenge for Aerelight must be marketing these table lamps to masses, taking into account the low-priced comparable products. Are the customers ready to pay premiums for an organic lamp? Do they value enough the technology and the benefits? Wait, what are the OLED benefits again? Bottom line - they're more efficient and safe.

We thrive to deliver affordable OLED lighting products, despite the premiums paid at all the steps of manufacturing. So far we have managed to keep the prices low, and work with pre-orders to avoid high inventory costs.

Compare Aerelight with 's OLED lighting productsLeafLit is the most convenient for the table use. Its light is very soft, yet strong, which makes it very easy on the eyes even for long hours of work. Moreover, it doesn't get hot, nor does it break or flame (in case something pissed you off in the office and you decided to through the lamp to let off steam). Now the best part - it costs only $49.95.


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