OLED Lighting is Rapidly Growing


The OLED industry is constantly growing and changing! There's always a new development.  Why is this occurring? Because OLED lights are both easy on the eyes and cool to the touch. PC Mag recently covered a story regarding how LG has stepped up to the plate and is rapidly becoming one of the main players in the OLED Revolution.

"During this year's Consumer Electronics Show, several large-screen OLED HDTVs were unveiled, including LG's 77-inch curved 4K TV."

However, LG's plans do not stop with the OLED TV.  They are currently exploring other options that could possibly utilize OLED technology.

"LG's OLED plans reach outside the realm of living room devices, though. Following up on its October proposal for the world's first flexible OLED smartphone panels, Han said the company may supply its plastic OLED displays for use in smartphones and wearables."

In light of their desire to pursue the hype surrounding OLED technology, LG has partnered with Alkilu for the marketing of their Trio OLED Light.  The Trio OLED Light is Alkilu's most versatile product. It can be placed upright, folded or hung from almost any location.

Additionally, the Trio OLED Light's lightweight design makes it a great travel companion because it won’t break in a backpack. With a larger OLED panel and with brightness over 300 lumens, it’s also ideal for outdoor use.

To place your pre-order for the Trio OLED Light, click here.