OLED Technology is Here to Stay


Just a few months ago, LG unveiled the OLED TV.  It's very possible that OLED technology may change the way manufacturers view lighting and future technological advances.   Recently, Wired covered a story arguing that, although OLED technology could potentially be one of the more promising technologies in our world, it may already be dead.  This statement was made during the reflection of how expensive OLED technology is and the complications in making this type of technology affordable for consumers. 

"Despite all the excitement surrounding OLED’s picture quality, these stunning TVs are hard to find and harder to afford. LG may be the only company making them for the foreseeable future. "

Yes, OLED technology can be incredible expensive, making it difficult for manufacturers to generate a market-price that makes the technology interesting, eco-friendly and consumer friendly.  However, LG has been able to create OLED TVs that are within the consumer's price range.

In light of LG's efforts in utilizing OLED technology, LG Chem has teamed up with Alkilu to manufacture the Trio OLED Light, which is now available for pre-order here.

This light is amazing because, not only is it able to be folded up and placed into your backpack, purse, etc, without breaking; but it's also able to be hung by practically any surface, making this incredibly easier to light any room of your choosing.

Be sure to check out this new product from Alkilu and LG Chem! And place your order soon while supplies last!