OLED: The New Frontier


As competition between companies begin to grow, innovating new products is crucial to success. For companies such as Samsung, Intel and Sony, producing the next "big thing" is becoming increasingly important. Being more innovative than another company will be what sets them apart from their shared target audience.  The new frontier that these companies are now beginning to explore? OLEDs. Recently, Andy Zhou developed the Pendant Plus with CSIRO scientists. The Pendant Plus is a flat, flexible light which is bringing even more attention to this industry, and pushing Australia further ahead in the OLED world.

Australia is currently beginning to become more actively involved in the OLED industry. These research companies are beginning to develop more products in order to fulfill the consumer demand for flexible solar lights. In addition to OLEDs, these Australian research centers also use thin film solar cell.  These organic solar cells convert light into electricity, while OLEDs convert electricity into light. The combination of these materials offers incredible potential for the OLED industry.

Additionally, Australia is working on using these inventions in small advertising displays and portable lighting, while also working on ways to involve these lights in structures such as windows or steel roofing.

Looking overseas, successful business models for flexible electronics in Europe, Germany, the UK and the US rely on clusters of small to medium enterprises (SMEs), each contributing a specific component to the final product. Australia's rich SME sector is perfectly suited to this approach.

With this research occurring, it's very possible that soon Australia will be involved in much of the local electronic's industry.  With auto suppliers and 3D printing factories turning their head towards OLEDs, more companies are looking to see how they can become involved in this OLED industry.  Australian research industries are now focusing their efforts on learning more about how they can educate a workforce to manufacture these goods.