OLED vs. LED: The Battle for Lighting Supremacy


As you become familiar with OLEDs, one of the things you'll come to learn that they are superior to other forms of lighting in almost every way imaginable. They are lighter, more efficient, more eco-friendly and more durable. The only factor where others win - in this case LEDs - is in the price. For now. A recent lighting study is making the rounds, and it compares OLEDs vs. LEDs based on a number of factors. Here's a good excerpt from the Sacramento Bee:

The lighting industry is a large, global and yet fragmented market place. The fragmentation is driven both by technology differentiation and customer need diversity. The technologies vying for market share include incandescent lamp, compact fluorescent lamp (CFL), halogen lamp, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and, most recently, organic light emitting diodes (OLED). The target markets are also very diverse, each service different needs and demanding different price points. These markets include residential, architectural, hospitality, shop, industrial, office, and outdoor.

OLED and LED lighting are both solid-state technologies and offer overlapping value propositions per market segment. They will therefore compete directly in many instances. LED lighting has come a long way and offers a better performance than OLEDs, and that at a lower cost. OLED lighting will therefore only gain market success if it clearly defines its unique selling points and carves out initial market niches.

We agree. For the unique selling points, look no further than our products page. For the target market? Well, you tell us.