OLEDs in The News (for all the wrong reasons)

OLEDs are on the rise! More and more companies, including Samsung and Apple, are creating devices that use this fascinating technology. However, most companies (unlike us) have found it difficult to leverage OLEDs due to their costs. In fact, almost every time you hear about OLEDs in the news, it's usually in the context of cost. Don't believe us? Here are a few examples... According to Ticker Report, Samsung is currently working on utilizing OLED technology to improve their Galaxy platform. However, Samsung is not currently using the OLED technology in their television sets.  Instead of promoting the development of the OLED TV, they are using their resources to create the UHD TV (ultra high-definition TV), which was showcased at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2014 in Las Vegas. This is due mainly to the fact that an OLED TV would be too high of a price for consumers and, in order for Samsung to reduce costs, they will need to clear up a few technological issues on their end.

Apple has also hoped on the bandwagon for creating environmentally-friendly OLED products. They recently announced their iWatch, and the "purported production is said to begin in the second half of 2014, with a goal of producing 2 million displays in the first run." One of the main focuses for Apple is to increase the flexibleness of the OLED, however, this will most likely increase the cost of production.

Sony is also turning their eye towards OLED products, however, since OLED is such a niche product, and possibly will be for a few more years, they are focusing on other technologies for the time being. Brian Siegel, the VP of Sony Electronics' television business states, "When a product like OLED has such little market penetration the expenses are huge and yields are very low."

Hopefully before long, when you read about OLEDs in the media, it'll be for reasons other than their high cost.