The Problem With OLEDs


OLED technology is amazing. It's superior to traditional lighting in almost every way possible...except for one area: price. As you might have seen, LG recently launched a new OLED TV with 4k resolution. It's an amazing product, but if you want it, it's going to cost you more than $10k (maybe more). Ouch. This pain over OLED pricing was what led us to launch ALKILU. Like others, we know that OLED is the future of lighting, but it cant be if no one can afford to buy the products. So instead of creating an OLED TV for celebrities and millionaires, we created nightlights, reading lights, all-terrain lights and other products for everyday consumers such as yourselves. Please hold your applause.

So why is OLED technology currently so expensive? Here's a summary from Wikipedia:

OLED manufacture currently requires process steps that make it extremely expensive. Specifically, it requires the use of low-temperature polysilicon backplanes; LTPS backplanes, in turn, require laser annealing from an amorphous silicon start, so this part of the manufacturing process for AMOLEDs starts with the process costs of standard LCD, and then adds an expensive, time-consuming process that cannot currently be used on large-area glass substrates.

That's the technical explanation. In our view, it's expensive because there aren't that many players in the OLED space, but that's a topic for another day.

Over time, OLED technology will become less expensive. That TV that's selling for tens of thousands today will soon be sold for hundreds (maybe less on Craigslist). It's the way of the tech world. But this won't happen unless companies like us continue to push the OLED envelope - so that's what we'll continue to do, so thanks for your support.