Project update: NEW REWARDS!!!


Hi Backers, We appreciate all of the feedback you sent us via emails, comments and messages! We have decided to announce our new rewards:

  • $168 Double Double- 2 TripLits and 2 Solar Chargers
  • Additional ALKILU Solar Charger for $31 (This price includes shipping and is 45% off future MSRP! You can use the Solar Charger on its own, without a TripLit, using its two USB ports that can charge any of your smart devices.)

If you would like to add an additional ALKILU Solar Charger to your pledge, please add $31 and send us a message for confirmation of your order.

Most of the feedback we received suggested additional Solar Chargers, as well as a new reward featuring two TripLits and two Solar Chargers. Please feel free to share this great news on social media, and help us bring TripLit to life:

Thanks again,

Team TripLit