The Clock is Ticking: Become an OLED Investor Before It's Too Late!

With less than two weeks to go in our Kickstarter campaign for Affordable OLED Lighting, we wanted to share a few important updates that might be of interest to you:

  1. We have signed an exclusivity contract with our manufacturers/partners. Essentially, this means they are onboard with our product and it's potential - so much so that they are willing to work with us exclusively on these types of OLED products.
  2. The mechanical designs for the Aurora All-Terrain Light have ben completed!
  3. We have identified a source for our controller board and LiPo battery.

In other words, we are making great progress. Of course, we're still far from reaching our goal of $50,000, but we're not giving up - and neither should you!

Please spread the word about our campaign. Tell your friends and family members about the exciting possibilities of OLED lighting; how it's the greenest, cleanest and leanest form of lighting on the planet. And how, with your help, we can bring it to the consumer market years before anyone would have predicted. So go ahead, make your investment in OLED technology today.

From all of us here at Alkilu, we thank you for your continued support.