The Future of Lighting is in Your Hands - Donate to Our Kickstarter Campaign Today!


We're off to a great start with our Kickstarter campaign. After just a few short days, 39 backers have contributed over $3k. Not a bad start, but we have a long way to go... Our goal is to reach $50k - and if we do - all of our backers (which hopefully includes you) will receive some really great gifts. This includes of course our Aurora All-Terrain light.

As we've said before, OLEDs are truly the future of lighting. They are more efficient, durable and eco-friendly than anything on the market today. With your help, we can bring these products to market much faster than anyone would have imagined.

Have you donated to Alkilu's Kickstarter campaign yet?  If so, thank you! If not, please check it out! All donation amounts are appreciated!

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