The Promise of OLED Lighting

"We've been researching them for 10 years and feel that the technology is nearly ready for practical use." Those were the words of Yasuki Kawashima, manager of the solid-state lighting application engineering and development department at NEC Lighting Ltd., as part of a recent interview he gave on The keyword in that first sentence was "nearly." Like Yasuki, we too have spent years - decades, even, - researching OLED technology. And like him, we obviously believe that OLEDs have a lot of promise. Where we differ is on the timing. While most think that we're "nearly" ready to start seeing these on shelves, we think the time is now.

Anyway, the article contains some great excerpts that we wanted to call out - all of which relate to the topics we cover here on the Alkilu blog. Take a look:

  • "You might feel that (OLED) light is a little dim, but it doesn't make you feel uncomfortable even if you look directly at it. . . . I think it's a friendly technology."
  • "There is hardly any visible need right now, so I think our job is to cultivate hidden demand," said Keiji Kurosawa, director of corporate planning at Panasonic Idemitsu OLED Lighting, which is selling them on a trial basis.
  • Industry observers say OLEDs and LEDs are likely to be different enough to coexist. "I don't think they will be replacing LEDs. There will be needs for both," said Kurosawa, referring to their projected point and planar lighting roles.
  • For instance, ceiling lights in shops can be replaced with OLED panels while LEDs can be used as spotlights to illuminate products for sale. Likewise, LEDs are good for car headlights and OLED panels for interior lights.

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