Traveling Safe with TripLit OLED Lamp


Getting away from the city noise and driving through the nature with the ones you love...Traveling with family can be a lot of fun. But it gets tricky if you have little kids. Travel safety checklist is a must-do, and all items on that list are equally important.

Family travel safety checklist will grow significantly if you are planning to go camping. Family Travel Magazine recently published a very useful blogpost with tips for traveling with kids.

There always are safety items, which are obvious choices for camping, such as safety belts, first-aid kits and seats. All these products can easily be found online or at retail stores in a wide variety of colors, shapes and features. However, when it comes to lighting, the choice on safe devices drops. It’s common knowledge that lamps usually produce heat. In case you have children under five, the risk of them touching the heated lamp is very high, especially inside the tent. In addition, lamps attract mosquitos and bugs. Unlike we are used to think, it is not the heat of the light that brings the mosquitos. Turns out that the real reasons are the UV rays that are produced by regular lamps.

Allergic reactions to mosquito bites are more common among children, but how to protect them and ourselves when we really need to have an illumination? Alkilu has designed a unique solution for that. TripLit is the world’s first portable lamp that does not heat or emit UV rays. Thanks to OLED technology, TripLit is safe to touch and does not attract mosquitos or any other insects.


Camping grounds need dispersed illumination to cover the area around the tents and secure safety around the camp. TripLit produces natural soft light that will create an ambient environment around. In addition, a built-in hook will allow hanging TripLit from a tree or inside the tent.

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Wires from electric devices can be stepped on or stumbled upon. TripLit does have any wires, it holds charge for more than 30 hours and can be pre-charged from electricity before the trip. If there is no access to electricity, there is still nothing to worry about. TripLit can simply be charged from a solar charger that can be purchased together with the lamp as a package.

Traveling safe and taking care of all precautions will make your trip fun and pleasant. Pack a TripLIt with and you can forget about mosquito bites, burns, and fire hazard.