TripLit & Ice Fishing

We completed all the US shipments last week. Kickstarter reward levels that include a solar charger might receive the solar charger separately from the TripLit, but most of the international shipments have already gone out - any remaining shipments will ship by the end of next week. There might be some delays due to customs from what we have heard, but you will receive yours soon. By now, you should have received an email with the Fedex/USPS tracking details. We are very excited about the overwhelming great feedback the TripLit has received so far - please keep sending us your stories and pictures. Here are some pictures sent by one of the backers who took the TripLit on their ice fishing trip last week. They charged it during the day with the solar charger and hung it in the cabin at night. We want to hear your stories and how you use the TripLit.

TripLit Solar Charging

TripLit Hanging

Remember - you now can purchase the TripLit and the solar charger direct from our website: