TripLit is the First Portable OLED Lamp For Your Sustainable Energy Needs


Every time I come across the global poverty stats, I feel terrible. Here I am, sitting in a comfortable household which is surrounded with proper electricity services while there are about 1.3 billion people in the world who still live without electricity. The thought itself makes me shudder. What if we could do something to help these people at least see what electricity is like! What’s it like to have a lamp by your side post sundown? TripLit OLED lamp

On the other hand, it was surprising to know that 23% of power consumption in the US comes from lighting alone. We use all kinds of bulbs and fancy lights to keep our homes and offices well lit up each day but little do we think from a broader perspective of saving the environment. But if we try and switch to OLED lighting systems, we’ll be able to reduce those numbers to a certain extent.

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Haven’t heard of OLEDs yet? Well, according to Alkilu, they are “100% organic lights which consists of an emitting layer that produces light in response to an electric current and 4 supporting layers. OLEDs are thin, transparent, flexible, and energy efficient. Alkilu is the first company that uses OLED technology to create portable lighting devices for everyday life.” Switching to these amazingly designed everyday lighting solutions could actually benefit you as well as those who haven’t had the taste of electricity yet. Let’s explore how.

TripLit OLED lamp

Sustainable Light Source With No UV Emission

One look at TripLit will tell you that this lamp is an innovative design you can use both indoors and outdoors. Maybe when you’re camping and need some light to read your latest novel in the night or during those crucial cooking moments in the kitchen when the power suddenly goes off.

TripLit OLED lamp

TripLit is a portable OLED lamp designed exclusively for an active lifestyle. Whether it’s about fixing your car’s tyre in the middle of the night or giving the power of electricity to those who haven’t come across it yet, the possibilities are endless with this light source in hand. It’s sustainable, energy efficient and doesn’t emit any kind of harmful UV radiation at all.

TripLit OLED lamp

Also, since this OLED lamp will not emit heat, you can stay safe from being surrounded by bugs all night. The lamp includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which can last for over 30 hours in the dim mode and can be recharged by a micro-USB port or the Alkilu’s High-Efficiency Solar Charger. If you’re an avid camp-a-holic, I would say this OLED lamp is a pre-order you must go for.

TripLit OLED lamp

Use it in Three-Positions With a Built-In Hook

The design of TripLit is pretty innovative which can be used in three positions and also includes a built-in hook. You can choose to hang it from a tree, extend it on a bleacher or flip it on the picnic table. That’s what I call versatility in a form factor you would love using as a light source.

But what’s truly amazing is the fact that this lamp will not emit any kind of UV radiation which is beneficial in the long run (no early wrinkles is one of the coolest advantages to be exact!).  By the way, the flat surface design is two times thinner than a penny. That’s so awesome, don’t you think!

TripLit OLED lamp

No wonder, their super early-bird editions on Kickstarter are already sold out. You could go for a TripLit single for $72 or choose the higher pledges, one of which is the TripLit Double + Solar Charger for $168. A complete lighting package for those who are inclined towards eco-travel. Go green and Happy Gadgeting!

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