Universal Display Corporation and the OLED Industry


Universal Display Corporation is known for the research, development and commercialization of OLEDs.  This company's success is primarily built upon three key factors: a solid financial position, a notable return on equity and good cash flow from their OLED operations.  With the financial security that Universal Display Corporation has established, it is very plausible that the OLED industry will continue to successfully grow and achieve a larger consumer base.  These reasons are why we genuinely suggest participating in this OLED revolution, and becoming one of the investors in this amazing economically-friendly product. Here are just a few, current fun facts about the OLED industry, at Universal Display Corporation:

  • OLED's revenue has grown by 75.9% in just one year
  • OLED has no debt to speak up, resulting in a debt-to-equity ratio of zero
  • The gross profit margin is 45.92%, which is considered very strong

As the OLED industry continues to gain momentum and press, in regards to their environmentally-friendly appliances, the revenue will continue to grow, persuading consumers to invest with OLED companies.  These investors understand the value of OLEDs, and are eager to back a product that will become very profitable in the near future.  OLEDs are shaping the way engineers are building appliances.  Understanding how important it is for appliances to have an environmentally-friendly impact, more companies are beginning to turn their head to the ways they could utilize this product.

Universal Display Corporation's net cash flow has increased from 111.92% to $22.41 million, when compared to a year ago. Just like Universal Display Corporation, Alkilu is also on their way up, and is hoping to gain even more momentum for the OLED industry with our Kickstarter campaign.  We firmly believe that OLEDs are the product of the future, and it's only a small matter of time until they are widely available to consumers like you.

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