Wearable Tech and OLEDs Are Made for Each Other (literally)


If you're a follower of tech news, you know that wearable technology is one of the more talked-about trends right now. With smart watches, glasses and who knows what else, the future of this market segment looks promising (even if it sometimes looks ridiculous). What most people don't know, however, is that without OLED technology, wearable technology wouldn't have much of a future. Take, for instance, the rumored iWatch from Apple. While nothing has been made official, it seems highly likely that the company is preparing for mass production and release relatively soon. And if this report is to be believed, they will be made with OLED screens. Here are a few key details:

Apple has hired two experts from the medical sensor world to work its heavily rumoured but as yet unconfirmed ‘iWatch, according to 9to5mac, while a separate report suggests LG is manufacturing an OLED screen for the smartwatch.

Elsewhere, Apple has also reportedly signed a deal with LG to supply the screens for the iWatch. Korean website DDaily claims that mass production of the 1.52in displays will begin later this year, and aims to produce 2 million units in a run lasting from July to September. The screens are rumoured to feature the same plastic-OLED technology seen in LG’s curved-screen Flex smartphone (right), which should fit well with the design of a smartwatch, allowing a user to view the screen at all angles.

As we've explained, perhaps the greatest attribute of OLED technology is its adaptability- because of its thinness, transparency and flexibility, it can be embedded into almost any form factor, including items that one would wear.

Anyway, as you continue to read about the rise of wearable tech, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for OLED references as well. We guarantee they will be there.