When I Say OLED, You Say?


If there's one thing we learned at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week, it's that most tech-savvy people have all heard of OLED technology. But when asked what they knew about OLEDs, their answer almost always included the words "expensive" and "those curved TVs." This is understandable. For one, those fancy curved TVs are pretty cool (and expensive). But it also makes sense because until recently, there really weren't any everyday OLED products for the consumer.  For example, when was the last time you saw an OLED reading light on the shelves? Answer: Probably never.

We're hoping to change this - not just making OLED products available for purchase, but also by educating the market to the benefits of this technology. As you'll come to discover, the latter will be the main purpose of the Alkilu blog.

The response from CES was amazing, and we've already been contacted by thousands of interested consumers, reporters and investors - so the word is getting out.

In the future, when we say "OLED" you'll say "Alkilu."