What is your shipping policy?

We partner with FedEx for all Domestic and International shipments. This allows us to provide an expedited and reliable shipping service. Customers can feel confident that our products will quickly and safely arrive at their doorsteps. Shipping rates are passed directly onto the customer.

Do you ship internationally ?

We ship anywhere FedEx can deliver. 

Could the OLED Light panel break ?

OLED lights are made out of an ultra-thin glass material. Although there is a semi-translucent laminate on top of the OLED, the glass beneath could break on extreme impact. 

What does the green and/or red blinking LED light mean?

On the front of the TripLit, a green solid LED light (next to the micro-USB) indicates when the OLED Light is powered on. When the battery depletes and reaches a level of 10% remaining, the green LED light will start blinking, letting the user know that it needs to be charged. 

To charge your light, turn off the TripLit OLED and plug in your USB cable and charger to begin charging. Due to our fast charging speeds, we recommend that the OLED light be turned OFF during all charging modes. While charging, the red LED light will begin blinking, letting the user know that the device is charging. Once charging is completed (within a few hours), the red LED light will turn a SOLID red, indicating the battery is fully charged and can be disconnected.  

Do you sell the OLED Light panels only?

Yes, we have a number of companies we work with on specialized projects who purchase just he OLED light panels.  

Could ALKILU work with our Company on specific lighting projects?

We currently work on many 'special projects' with different companies and their designers/engineers to develop a unique product using our OLED Lighting panels.  

Can the Charger be used with a step-up transformer to Charge another battery?

The TripLit uses a standard micro-USB charging port, which can be used with most USB chargers that handle a 5V/2.1A output. The included USB Charger is not recommended nor supported with any other device including a step-up transformer. It is designed to withstand certain temperature thresholds and any other draw or load could create a fire hazard. 

Can we use another USB Charger to charge our TripLit ?

Currently, there are no 'standard' USB chargers on the market. While have tested a few mobile smartphone USB chargers that support 5V/2.1A output, we strongly suggest only using the included USB charger to charge the TripLit. This will prevent your warranty from being vided if any issues should arise. Using other non-tested and non-supported USB chargers and cables, adds a level of risk that we cannot anticipate.

Where do we send our product improvements/suggestions?

Please click on the HELP icon located at the bottom right hand side of your browser window. This will generate a form where you can email your suggestions directly to the development team. We greatly appreciate the feedback and look forward to hearing from you. 

How do I order wholesale?

For wholesale or reseller pricing, please email us at: sales@alkilu.com

Can we order more than one product per order?

Yes, after adding the product to your cart, you can easily edit the quantities of each item you would like to purchase. All the necessary shipping and taxes are added at the end before the completion of the transaction. 

What payment forms do you accept?

We accept all forms of credit cards and debit cards through our online processing center.

Any other questions?

To open a ticket with our Support Team, click on the green "HELP" icon at the bottom right hand side of our website. Complete the feedback form and someone from our Support Team will contact you within 48-hours.