Our Story


If you have never heard of OLED Lighting, you aren't alone, but we are here to change all that. In the past, OLED technology was extremely expensive, hard to find and basically unknown to the general public. At ALKILU (pronounced al-ki-loo) our mission is to make sure OLED products become an integral part of everyday life.

With the help of leading manufacturers from around the globe, we’re currently developing an innovative line of OLED products designed to meet the everyday needs of consumers. From book lights and night lights to all-terrain lights, timers, signage displays and much more, we have an ambitious vision for the future of OLED Lights.

ALKILU was founded in 2013 by Alex Khayat, a technology expert with over a decade of experience in OLED industry research and development. Today, ALKILU is based in Southern California where we continue to innovate and expand our product line. 

Learn more about the advantage of OLED technology and be sure to watch the video below.