Our Team


Alex Khayat, CEO/Founder

Alex brings over 25 years of technology experience to the company, including nearly a decade of industry research and development for a Boston-based firm with a specific focus on OLED technology. Realizing that consumers had limited access to affordable OLED products, Alex began working with several strategic partners on creating a unique, cost-conscious line of OLED products in late 2012. Thus ALKILU was born.

Prior to founding ALKILU, Alex held technology leadership positions for organizations like Providence Health & Service, the University of California, the Children’s Hospital Boston as well as Harvard University Medical Center. He also served as a tech consultant, engaging with top 25 Blue Chip companies such as EMC, HP, IBM, Dell, Microsoft, Apple, VMWare, Adobe, Cisco, Oracle and many others. Alex launched two tech startup companies and sold one.

Alex is currently busy lighting up the world from his home-base in LA, California.


Sadry, Engineer

Sadry has over 25 years of operational, management, and leading edge technical innovation experience in R&D, Tech, Data Comm, and Telecom industry. He has in-depth experience in all aspects of the product life cycle with significant participation in definition, architecture, and development of electronic products. Although Sadry has held senior management roles, he loves to roll up his sleeves and design circuits and hardware. When he is not working or playing with his 3 boys, you can find Sadry flying one of his radio controlled model planes.


Raffi Kotikian, Corporate Advisor

An advisor from the first day of company’s inception, Raffi brings engineering, marketing, product and process management experience to guide all aspects of our operations. His career has taken him through hardware and software engineering, sales management, marketing, software design and most recently, mobility innovation labs leadership. His pragmatic approach to product creation is the beacon that has enabled ALKILU deliver its product line to the market in record time.


Ani, Marketing

Ani is a product marketing professional with global experience across Europe and the US. She worked for an international media agency, developing marketing products for major clients such as NY Times, BBDO global, Universal Music World and many more. She earned her MBA at Babson College, and began helping start-ups with their go-to-market strategy, MVP creation and customer discovery. Ani’s also specialized in content marketing, SEO, branding, positioning, and UX enhancement. She loves exploring different cultures, from both anthropological and gastronomical perspectives.