TripLit+ (Bundle)

TripLit+ (Bundle)

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First & Only Portable/Rechargeable Organic LED (OLED) Light
               w/ ALKILU 14W High-Efficiency Solar Charger Bundle

With our bundle offer, you can enjoy the perfect combination of ALKILU products for an incredible price. The TripLit and ALKILU solar charger combine to take eco-friendly and sustainable lighting to a whole new level. 

Our innovative TripLit has been designed to be highly versatile, portable and powerful. It relies on advanced OLED technology to provide a bright, diffused light that is easy on the eyes and does not emit any heat or UV rays.

Pair the TripLit with the ALKILU solar charger and you never have to worry about being without light. The TripLit battery can provide up to 30 hours of performance and can be fully recharged using the solar charger in just four short hours. It is the perfect tool for camping, emergencies or just a late night of reading in bed. 


  • All the benefits of our flagship TripLit lamp
  • Bundle ALKILU products for added savings
  • Enjoy maximum portability
  • Charge your TripLit while off the grid
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Dimensions (outer):        5" x 5" x 0.8"
Dimensions (lit area):     4" x 4"
Luminance:                     1000-3000 cd/m2 (Dimmable)
Color Temperature:         3000K
Battery Runtime:            > 30 hrs
Battery Type:                  Li-Po Rechargeable Battery
Battery Charge Time:     ~ 2.5 hrs
Material:                           PC/ABS + TPE + Metal
Weight:                            7.5 oz.
Package Includes:           OLED Light Micro-USB charge cable (~3ft) USB Charger/Power adapter (110-240V)
Warranty:                        90 days

Solar Charger

Dimensions:                    12" x 7.75" x 0.75" (folded) / 12" x 16.25" x 0.25" (open)
Weight:                           1.3 lbs.
Capacity:                        7V / 14 Watts
   Voltage/Current:         5V / 2.1A
Efficiency:                      20-22% (High Efficiency)
Ports:                             2 x USB Ports
Solar Cells:                    Monocrystalline Silicon - by SunPower (USA)
Features:                       Foldable, water repellant fabric Dual USB output ports Charge directly with device, built-in
                                      SmartChip for optimal charging
Accessories:                  1x Micro USB Cable
Warranty:                      90 days